MLS Trust

The Professor ML Sondhi Trust was established to promote the late Professor ML Sondhi’s vision relating to the emergence of India as a strong but benign power in the family of nations; to promote research and studies on aspects of international relations, including regional cooperation, in the subcontinent, co-operation between India and South-east Asia and the future of the Asia-Pacific region; to promote understanding and information on peace studies and conflict management in all sections of society; to encourage the evolution of a liberal economic order; to promote a forward-looking spiritual and cultural Hinduism, rooted in the insights of the reformers and visionaries of the nineteenth century and others; to draw inspiration from the life and work of ML Sondhi’s father-in-law, the late Pt. K. Santanam in particular with regard to strengthening national integration and democratic decentralisation, both political and economic; to promote the study of the works of the philosopher Basanta Kumar Mallik, in particular his special themes relating to peace, civilizational studies and philosophy; and to evaluate, recognize, disseminate and honour significant work by individuals and organizations which promote the goals of the Trust. 

Founding Trustees
SJS Chatwal
Madhuri Santanam Sondhi 

Shivaji L. Sondhi
Vivekananda L. Sondhi

7, Amrita Shergill Marg, New Delhi-110 003
Tel/Fax: 91 11 24640690