Photo Gallery: The Life of Prof. ML Sondhi

As a diplomat in Prague (1959)

With Pandit Ravi Shankar in Prague (1959)

Morarji Desai at Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia (ML Sondhi, second from right) (c. 1960)

At the United Nations (Winter 1961-62)

Young ML Sondhi (1963)

Election Campaign (1967)

Post-election felicitation at the Indian School of International Studies (1967)

Post-election felicitation at the Indian School of International Studies (1967)

Reception at the Red Fort for Subhash Chandra Bose’s Sword and other memorabilia organized by ML Sondhi and the Netaji Research Bureau (1967)

At the Jan Palach Memorial at Prague (1968)

With Madhu Limaye at a public meeting (c. 1969)

With Mrs. Moshe Dayan at Qutab Minar (c. 1970)

With President VV Giri (c. 1971)

With S.L. Shakdher (1972)

With Acharya Kriplani and Eugen Loebl (1978)

With Sikander Bakht and Amin Wakman, Secretary of the Afghan Social Democrat Party, (c. 1982)

With Justice Rangarajan and Morarji Desai (1983)

Presentation of award to George Theiner, Editor, Index on Censorship (c. 1984)

At the George Theiner Memorial Lecture (1988)

With the Dalai Lama(1988)

With George Fernandes at the Tibet Hearings in Bonn (1988)

At the Tibet Hearing in Bonn (c. 1988)

With Druze Leaders in Israel (1989)

With Dalai Lama at Mt. Carmel, Israel (1993)

At the United Nations (1993)

With former Prime Minister Devilal (1994)

Prof. Sondhi (1994)

At the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus (c. 1994)

Delivering lecture on Tibet at Tokyo (1990s)

LK Advani releasing Peace Agenda for Indian Foreign Policy (1995)

With Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma (2000)

With former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres at the ICSR Felicitation, New Delhi (2000)

With President of India K.R. Narayanan at the G. Parthasarthy Memorial Lecture (c. 2000)

With Z. Brzezinski in New Delhi (2000)

At Agra, release of “How India and Pakistan Can Make Peace” (2001)

At the ICSSR India-Pakistan Seminar, New Delhi (2001)

Ambassador MK Rasgotra releasing “Nuclear Weapons and Indian National Security” (2002)

Prof. Sondhi in his study room